Beverley Taylor-Jones

I am a native British English speaker with a 
Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Applied Language Studies, 
offering German to English translation and 
English-language editing services 
through my freelance business,


I have supported clients in the healthcare & pharmaceutical industry, travel & tourism, and food & gastronomy since 2008.


The translation of a text, whether a short descriptive passage or a lengthy scientific document, demands time and skill. Something that can only be offered by a professional translator with the right qualifications, specialist knowledge and appropriate experience.


Editing a text in one’s native language can sometimes be just as challenging as translating from a foreign language. Utmost attention to detail means that no amount of effort is spared when it comes to polishing your English text.

My specialisations...

Medical & Pharmaceutical

Specialist translation and editing services for customers in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors such as medical practices, university hospitals, market research institutes, CROs and pharmaceutical companies. Expertise includes medical reports, package leaflets, questionnaires, consent forms, and SOPs for quality management.

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Food & Gastronomy

English-language menus, recipes and cookbooks, websites, profiles and resumés for restaurants, chefs, catering services. Language support for app developers. Translating and editing technical documentation relating to production and hygiene in the food industry. Translation and revision/editing of texts on sports nutrition, healthy eating and well-being.

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Travel & Tourism

Working with tour operators, marketing/branding companies and service providers in the travel and hospitality sectors to produce culturally appropriate English-language texts for travel guides, city maps and hotel information, brochures and websites, as well as technical documents and communications.

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